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-PASSOVER IS HERE Sales and discounts on the site ..
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Posted: 22/03/2015


For Purim' Deals and discounts on our website! Happy purim :) ..
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Posted: 25/02/2015

Come and join the success!

Come and join the success!   "Havruta" is looking to grow and seeks a partner or an investor.   For details: 02-5667695    ..
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Posted: 28/01/2015

15% discount on all books published in 2014

15% discount on all books published in 2014 Coupon Code - 2014n ..
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Posted: 09/11/2014

Special Sale - shofars

Special Sale Tishrei - shofars:   Shofar Size 4 = 400 NIS   Shofar Size 5 = 500 NIS   Shofars sizes 1 and 2 - one shofar = 50 NIS , 4 shofars = 100 NIS !     ..
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Posted: 30/09/2014
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This months specials
Gvurah VeMalchut
Hebrew. With aditional prayer for Independence Day and Jerusalem Day. ..
Korn machzor Independence Day
Korn machzor Independence Day "to Zion, we were like dreamers" , Ashkenaz.   Since the establishment of the State ..
Bayom Hahu
Hebrew ..
Illegal Journey
  Peter Romaine, a young, Christian Englishman living in Switzerland, is a linguistics student with an extraordinary talent for ..
Encyclopedia of the Holocaust
The teaching of the history of the Holocaust is mandatory in many states in the U.S. as part of the secondary school curriculum. "Enc..

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